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Charmed Life Photography

Lisa Collins-Haynes has been a full-time photographer for the past 8 years. She owns and operates Charmed Life Photography + Video.  Lisa specializes in client work for underwater portraits as well as maternity and newborn photography.  At Soul Made Exchange, Lisa is exclusively featuring matted prints from her Underwater Photography Black Art Collection.  

After being pushed into a pool by her swim instructor as a child, Lisa developed a severe swimming phobia that lasted over 35 years.  As an adult she finally decided to give swimming another try.  A new swim instructor said to her, “God told me to help you,” and offered her private swim lessons for months, which led to overcoming the severe phobia.  Lisa believes she was destined to become an Underwater Portrait Photographer because of that act of kindness paired with her determination.  

Lisa holds a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Masters in Business Administration, both from Columbia Southern University. Before becoming a photographer, Lisa was an International Travel Writer and enjoyed traversing the globe and story-telling to her readership. Writing was an unexpected pathway into the diverse world of photography for her.

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