10 Short Natural Hairstyles That Are Anything But Boring

Tapered Afro:

Keep the sides and back short while leaving the top longer to create a tapered afro hairstyle. This style is chic and easy to maintain.

Finger Coils:

Define your natural curls by creating finger coils throughout your hair. This hairstyle adds volume and texture, making it anything but boring.


Twist your hair while damp and then unravel to achieve a twist-out hairstyle. This look showcases your natural texture and can be styled in various ways.

Faux Hawk:

Create a bold and edgy look by styling your hair into a faux hawk. Simply brush the sides of your hair towards the center and secure with bobby pins or hair gel.

Mohawk with Undercut:

Combine a classic mohawk hairstyle with an undercut for a modern and daring look. Shave the sides of your hair short while leaving the center longer to style into a mohawk.

Defined Curls with Side Part:

Define your curls with a curl-defining product and create a side part for added interest. This hairstyle is polished and perfect for any occasion.

Short Frohawk:

Style your hair into a frohawk by brushing the sides of your hair towards the center and fluffing the top to create volume. This edgy hairstyle is sure to make a statement.

Bantu Knots:

Create small knots all over your head to achieve a bantu knot hairstyle. Once unraveled, your hair will have beautiful curls and waves.

Pixie Cut:

Opt for a short and chic pixie cut to showcase your natural hair texture. This low-maintenance hairstyle is effortlessly stylish and suits all face shapes.

Buzz Cut:

For a bold and daring look, consider a buzz cut hairstyle. This ultra-short style is minimalist yet impactful, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.