10 Unusual Small Pets for Kids to Own

Hedgehogs: Hedgehogs are small, nocturnal mammals with spiny coats. They can be interactive and relatively low-maintenance pets.

Sugar Gliders: Sugar gliders are small, nocturnal marsupials known for their gliding abilities. They require a large cage with plenty of space to climb and glide.

Ferrets: Ferrets are playful and energetic animals related to weasels. They are highly social and require plenty of interaction and mental stimulation.

Chinchillas: Chinchillas are small rodents known for their soft, dense fur. They are active and playful animals that require a large cage with plenty of opportunities.

Giant African Land Snails: Giant African Land Snails are low-maintenance pets that can be fascinating to observe.

Hermit Crabs: Hermit crabs are small crustaceans that live in shells and can make interesting pets for kids. They require a suitable habitat with plenty of substrate.

Axolotls: Axolotls are aquatic salamanders known for their regenerative abilities. They require a specialized aquarium setup with clean, cool water and plenty of hiding places.

Guinea Pigs: Guinea pigs are small rodents that are social and friendly animals. They require a spacious cage with plenty of hay, fresh vegetables, and opportunities.

Tarantulas: Tarantulas are large spiders that can make fascinating pets for older children with an interest in arachnids.

Stick Insects: Stick insects are low-maintenance pets that can be fascinating to observe. They require a suitable enclosure with branches or foliage to mimic their natural habitat.