7  Games That Disregarded Our Time And Tested Our Patience

A lot of the games that will bring you to the brink of breaking down are based around cards. Marvel Snap allows you to build up your digital decks with cards that have specific Marvel characters and unique abilities.

Marvel Snap

Available on Steam, Rust is basically a survival game where everything on the map wants you to lose.


You find yourself in a morbid, dystopian, open-source world where players from around the globe exist on one map.


Set in the fictional world of DC, this is a multiplayer game where you can choose to be a hero or a villain. Either you can put together a team to squash other players, or you can be a one-man hit squad all by yourself.

DC Universe Online

If you’ve ever seen Jurrasic Park, then Ark can be understood as a similar experience, except you start without clothes and are left to fend for yourself in a world filled with monstrous dinosaurs.


This Riot classic is full of players with a decade of expertise, making it difficult for newcomers to dip their toes in, not to mention the vast number of characters and information you must learn before fully understanding the game.

League of Legends

In the midst of the fictional kingdom of Lordran, the Dark Soul series is a narrative game with NPCs. The gameplay relies heavily on stamina, health, resources, and souls.

Soulslike Games

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