7 States With The Worst Tap Water In The United States

Faces issues like arsenic and pesticide contamination, particularly in rural areas, and struggles with water scarcity in some regions.


Deals with challenges such as industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, and aging infrastructure, leading to water quality issues in certain areas.


Grapples with algae blooms, pesticide runoff from agriculture, and pollution from urban areas that can affect water quality.


Faces water quality issues due to high mineral content, such as hardness and elevated levels of contaminants like arsenic and nitrates.


Deals with challenges related to agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, and aging infrastructure, leading to concerns about contaminants in tap water.


Faces issues like agricultural runoff, urban pollution, and occasional water treatment challenges that can impact tap water quality.


Known for the Flint water crisis, Michigan has faced significant challenges with lead contamination and aging infrastructure issues in certain areas.


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