8 Cities Where People Live Longer Than Average

Okinawa, Japan

The land of the immortals, or so they say. Here, the diet is more colorful than a painter's palette, rich in seaweeds and smiles. It's not just the food; it's the zen of living that counts.

Sardinia, Italy

Where the wine flows freer than water and the Mediterranean diet is not a fad but a way of life. Elders here are as common as the cobblestone streets, living proofs of wine's whisperings of eternity.

Loma Linda, California

Near LA yet worlds distant in longevity. That secret? A people that prefer nuts to Netflix and Sabbath to scroll holes. Literally, they've mastered living.

Icaria, Greece

Community, simplicity, and olive oil. The Icaria Study investigates how this food and lifestyle decreases aging and extends life.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Here, 'Pura Vida' is not just a greeting; it's the motto for longevity. Sunshine, siestas, and strong family ties make growing old a graceful glide rather than a grueling grind.


A marvel of modern medicine and meticulous urban planning. It’s the crossroads where high-tech healthcare meets hawker food heaven, proving longevity can thrive in a concrete jungle.


The lap of luxury, with a lifespan to match. Perhaps it's the sea air, or maybe it's the wealth care. Either way, Monaco's residents are banking years as well as euros

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