8 Countries With The Highest Life Expectancy

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a dynamic urban landscape and a bustling population. The country proudly boasts one of the highest life expectancies globally


Despite being a very populous country, Macao is top-ranked regarding notable life expectancy among its residents.


Japan has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. Many variables contribute to lifespan, including a diet rich in fish, vegetables, and rice.


Switzerland has made a name for its high standard of living and exceptional healthcare system, which are among the factors contributing to its population’s longevity


Singapore ensures its residents have access to quality medical services, preventive care, and early intervention.


Italy’s Mediterranean diet is a key factor for its high life expectancy. Rich in fresh produce, olive oil, and fish, the Italian food practice provides various health benefits.

South Korea

The urban population of South Korea is adept at dealing with health issues, as it gets ample medical support from the government.


Spain’s culinary tradition is rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish. This diet is responsible for lower rates of chronic diseases and longer life expectancy

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