8 Great Perennial Plants Sure To Grow Back Year After Year

With their iconic look and bright yellow palette, these flowers are instantly recognizable and bring a perfect, summery feel to your landscaping.

Black-Eyed Susan

Chrysanthemums, which bloom in fall and provide late-season color when summer-blooming plants die back, are a gardener's delight.


Another beautiful and easily recognizable flower, daylilies come in a wide range of colors and styles, all of them perennial and happily springing up year after year


If you're looking to fill in your landscaping with some gorgeous and lush greenery, hostas are a lovely and versatile perennial that loves shade, provides great ground cover, and has a variety of looks and colors.


These huge, dreamy flowers often go hand in hand with a lovely scent, and they're among the best cutting flower options for your garden, perfect for adding to a bouquet and sprucing up your mantel or table.


Sage is part of the salvia family, which includes annuals and perennials. Some perennial species bloom beautifully and attract pollinators while giving a fresh, lively aroma to gardens.

Perennial Sage

Perfect for adding some height to your beds, irises bring beautiful color in early summer and are great in wetter climates

Siberian Iris

Long-blooming from early summer through fall, Veronica has different growing preferences depending on its location. In northern areas, it prefers sun.


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