8 Signs Of People Who Lack Empathy

Insensitive Remarks: They often make insensitive comments or jokes without considering how others might feel.

Ignoring Others' Feelings: They dismiss or ignore the emotions and concerns of others, focusing solely on their own needs and perspectives.

Inability to Apologize or Admit Wrongdoing: They struggle to acknowledge their mistakes or apologize for hurting someone else's feelings.

Blaming Others: They tend to blame others for their problems or dismiss others' struggles without considering their perspectives.

Manipulative Behavior: They may use manipulation or deceit to achieve their own goals, disregarding the impact on others.

Lack of Interest in Others' Well-Being: They show little interest in others' well-being or struggles, often appearing self-centered.

Difficulty Maintaining Relationships: They have trouble maintaining close relationships due to their inability to connect emotionally with others.

Disregard for Social Norms: They may disregard social norms or rules that involve consideration for others' feelings or needs.

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