8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Dogs

The majority of us associate a vigorously wagging tail with happiness.Tail wagging might also signify worry, eagerness, or hostility.

Wagging Tails Always Mean Happiness

Some people mistakenly believe that dogs see no color at all. In reality, they do see some colors—their color spectrum is just more limited than ours.

Dogs Are Colorblind

Misconception: a dry, warm nose always means a sick dog. A dog's nose moisture and temperature can change due to environmental changes, hydration, and activity.

A Dry, Warm Nose Means A Dog Is Sick

Assuming aging dogs can't learn new tricks is unfair to them. All dog ages can learn new instructions and actions.

Old Dogs Can’t Learn New Tricks

Although many dog breeds are famous for their swimming capabilities, it’s not true that all dogs naturally know how to swim.

All Dogs Know How To Swim

Some people think dogs only eat grass when they're unwell, but they do it for many reasons, including nourishment and digestion.

Dogs Eat Grass Only When They’re Sick

The “seven-year” norm is simple but oversimplifies canine aging. Dog lifespans vary greatly by breed and genetics.

One Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years

Misconception: dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. In actuality, their mouths have as much germs as ours.

Dogs’ Mouths Are Cleaner Than Humans’

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