America's #1 Ketchup Is Back With Its Halloween Edition

f you've ever disguised yourself as a vampire or bloody bride for Halloween, you know how hard it is to find fake blood. It must be a

specific shade of red, cheap enough to douse yourself in, and easy to wash off before bed. One food brand has gone gruesome for Halloween.

All about ketchup. Heinz released a special edition Tomato Blood Ketchup last year, confirming its blood-likeness. This year, the #1

ketchup maker is bringing back the fun to promote its red sauce for terrifying costumes. The brand even hired a vampire influencer to promote it.

Toby the vampire became vegetarian years ago to avoid human necks. Instead, he devours ketchup and wants to convince other vampires to do so.

"Being a vegetarian vampire and only eating Heinz Tomato Blood has many misconceptions," claimed 280-year-old activist Toby. "I hope that

by issuing a PSA, vampires nationwide will consider that humans can be more than just food and give friendship a chance while enjoying a tasty alternative."

If you don't have a costume this year, dress yourself as Toby or get a bottle of Tomato Blood—you won't need much else. “There are few

nights more magical than Halloween, and for years, Heinz has helped people make memories by letting them morph into the spookiest

versions of themselves," said Heinz brand director Ashleigh Gibson. "We believe that if you have Heinz, you have a costume."

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