Costco Dessert Is Making Cookie Lovers Swoon

Today, another clever Costco deal! The popular warehouse merchant provides everything you need for your sweet craving, from key lime pie

to All American chocolate cakes. Since fall is here, you'll soon be planning your holiday spreads, which means Costco's bakery items will be important to your family.

Stores are preparing for Christmas even if Thanksgiving is far away. In the first week of November, Aldi's advent calendars will return. Costco is joining the Christmas party

The popular @costcohotfinds account discovered a new holiday dish. It's not pumpkin spice-flavored, but cookie fans will enjoy it.

Boxes of four little cookie skillets are available at the warehouse. For $19.99, the package contains Nestle Toll House cookie mix and a little

cast-iron pan. After adding butter and water, @costcohotfinds says you may enjoy the hot, gooey delicacy.

Although you may disagree, we think small baking pans make dessert hour more fun. Dessert fans will adore the festive package with a red ribbon

Costco fans are excited to try the dessert, writing, "Omg I'm gifting this to myself, this is too cute." Another said, "Great hostess present.

Bringing a bottle of wine gets old!" For wine lovers everywhere, bring a bottle of wine and these little cookie skillets as a gift.

One customer said, "The mini skillets are useful for toasting spices in later." This sounds like a great combo!

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