Costco Has This Beloved Drink For Cheap

Some things are best left unchanged, including our favorite dishes and drinks' recipes and prices.

Luckily, the creators of a classic American beverage brand have stuck to their principles and prices for nearly 30 years.

Don Vultaggio, founder and chairman of AriZona iced tea, has stated that the company will not raise

the price of its nostalgic 'large cans' from $0.99. This helps all drinkers, but Costco members save even more.

A 24-pack of 16-ounce Arizona Tea bottles costs $16.99 at Costco, where food court hot dogs are $1.50

and bulk items are discounted. Just $0.71 per bottle. Even though it has less volume per bottle than 23-ounce cans, it's worth buying.

Ginseng and Honey Green Tea is in the Costco Arizona box. Costco Business Centers carry other brand sizes and tastes.

AriZona with Costco provide consistently low costs, a combination made in heaven. Both corporations have defended their popular

discounts and kept product prices low, even amid record-high inflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 10% increase in the 'food at home' price index in the past year.

Every item people buy today has a price hike. "We're holding for a pinched consumer," AriZona's Vultaggio told Today.

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