Seven Dumbest Dog Breeds That Are Lovably Dopey

Despite being one of the most expensive dogs in the world, the Afghan hound has the lowest IQ of all dog breeds as per some researches.

Afghan hound

Only somewhat less dumb than the Afghan hound, the basenji may not be "dumb" but rather uninterested in obedience training exchanges.


Lots of folks are bullish on all these bulldog breeds. And that includes the English bulldog, which  researches regards as the third dumbest among dog breeds.

English bulldog

While it is a dog that looks like a lion, the chow chow is far from the king of the jungle—or even the dog park. To wit, Coren ranked the chow chow as one of the dumbest dog breeds

Chow chow

Borzois are among the dumbest and fastest canines in the world. Although the quick borzoi needs a lot of cerebral stimulation, this shaggy, lanky breed is difficult to train.


Docile and affectionate with its people, the bloodhound (also called the sleuth hound) does one thing better than any creature on earth: locate missing persons


Pekingese dogs tend to lavish affection on their families.Peeks are also well behaved and friendly toward children and strangers, as well as other dogs.


Little, sweet-faced beagles are popular with floppy-ear fans. Indeed, its soulful eyes and clownish disposition make the beagle a popular U.S. canine breed. These dogs are also among the most common in shelters.


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