Seven Things Dogs Dislike About Humans

Dogs have a much more sensitive sense of hearing than humans, so loud noises affect them more than us

Loud Noises And Yelling

While hugs are the language of love for many humans, most dogs don’t feel quite the same way.

Hugging And Face Crowding

Unfortunately, many of us end up creating rules and boundaries that are inconsistent, which leaves our dogs feeling confused and anxious.

Inconsistent Rules And Boundaries

Social canines flourish in packs, like wolves. But with our busy modern lives, many people leave their dogs alone for long durations.

Being Left Alone For Long Periods

Physical and mental stimulation are essential for most dogs. Failure to provide enough exercise and psychologically stimulating toys can lead to boredom, illness, and depression in dogs.

Lack Of Exercise And Stimulation

Even if you don’t leave your dog alone for long periods, you can still leave them feeling ignored or neglected.

Being Ignored Or Neglected

We all know that socialization is good for dogs. But sometimes they just don’t feel like being forced into an overwhelming situation with lots of new friends

Forced Socialization

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