Seven Ways To Live Well On Less In Retirement

Retirement can be a financial and mental shock if you’ve worked your entire life. It’s possible to lose your sense of purpose and drift through the days.

Start A Paying Hobby

If you have business or leadership skills, attend a networking event in your community and connect with local business owners.

Consulting Service

Clear out the clutter in your home and sell unwanted items online, such as on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Sell Unwanted Items Online

One of the best money management practices is to reduce outgoing expenses.

Consider Downsizing

Clip coupons and get senior discounts. Some stores give discounts on certain days, so plan your buying. Find better deals by browsing internet bargain sites.

Use Bargains And Benefits

When using public transportation, you know how long the journey will take, and you don’t have the stress of worrying about holdups.

Use Public Transportation

Interest on debts can accumulate, and it can seem like the debt isn’t shrinking. If possible, pay off debts and clear those monthly costs.

Manage Your Debts

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