Signs You’re Wealthier Than the Average American

Your Fridge Has Healthy Options

A stocked fridge brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein signals priorities beyond mere survival and points to several aspects of wealth.

Experiences Over Things

Saturday nights spent exploring new restaurants or planning your next vacation, rather than obsessing over the latest gadget, signal a multifaceted wealth mindset.

Don’t Panic Over Every Bill

Simply said, unanticipated costs occur. If a surprising bill doesn't throw you into debt, it shows you're disciplined enough to save for emergencies.

Good Debt

Not all debt is equal. Using low-interest student loans for education or a mortgage on an appreciating asset strategically is not a sign of weakness but shows wealth-building sophistication.


You place a premium on your time, sometimes opting to pay for convenience. This demonstrates a nuanced view of wealth.

You Can Say “No”

The ability to confidently decline financial requests, unwanted outings, or impulse purchases reveals a form of wealth often overlooked


Retirement discussions make your eyes light up, not glaze over. This suggests several forms of “wealth consciousness.”

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